Welcome.I am an artist from the Lower Mainland B.C. I have been painting for many years, mostly watercolors because it was easy to stop and go on weekends to work on my house. If you own an older house you will understand that there is always something to fix or maintain. As progress was made on the house I found more time to paint. Acrylic paints were something which interested me so I began work and found that I liked it better. The colors were more vibrant and I could incorporate airbrush as well. I am constantly trying to challenge myself by using different techniques to make the paintings more realistic. Texturing the foreground on some of my paintings also ads more dimension, even if it is hard to see on a photo. Most of my paintings are landscapes and a great deal are from Pitt Meadows,where I live. It is quite pretty out here. I am a glassblower by profession, have been for about 25 years so you will also see some glass work in the near future. Enjoy.

If you wish to learn more about my work, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss.

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